How to Enroll as a SafeLink Agency

  1. SafeLink will send an introductory packet outlining all aspects of the partnership to your Agency.
  2. Within that packet is a onetime Agency Login to be used at
  3. Additionally, the packet will contain your Agency Promo Code which will later connect your Agency to all of its various intake centers for credit.
  4. Upon entrance to the website, you will be prompted to enter your Agency Login then directed to fill out an Agency Application.
  5. Next, there will be a prompt to enter all intake center contact information participating in the partnership.
  6. Once this process is complete confirmation emails will be sent to your Agency and all intake center offices.
  7. Offices receiving the email will be provided their Promo Code attached to your Agency and a link to create an account for application ordering.
  8. As offices enroll, your Agency will be able to login and monitor application/flyer orders or make orders on their behalf.
  9. Once all steps are complete your intake centers will be provided the materials and promo codes necessary to enroll applicants in SafeLink Wireless® while earning credit for your Agency.
  10. In order to ensure proper Credit is forthcoming a Promo Code should be entered on ALL applications by personnel of the Agency as well as the various intake centers. Enrolling Subscribers in SafeLink Wireless: Enrollment Checklist